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  • National Reach
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Extensive and Diverse Product Line — 50+ Manufacturers
  • Serving & Supporting Industry for 30 years

Our Markets

  • Cable TV
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless
  • Contracting Firms
  • State/Municipalities/Education
  • DOT

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National Distributor of Outside Plant Product Solutions

    Our Partners

    We have strategic relationships with multiple industry leading manufacturers; manufacturers known for product innovation, exceptional quality and extraordinary reliability.

    Our Purpose

    To serve and support every customer with a personal commitment to quality at the lowest possible cost. To meet and exceed expectations on every order and every project. Customers Come First! Learn more about our services.

    Our Progress

    Founded in 1986 CPS has grown to offer distinctive product solutions nationally. Our longevity and success is based on in-depth familiarity with the challenges of the industries we supply. We continuously look for ways to improve by learning from our history and listening to the expertise of our customers and manufacturers.

    Our Products

    By delivering products from world-class manufacturers, CPS is superbly positioned to work with customers involved in the design and construction of networks used in delivering broadband voice, video and data communications networks, transportation control systems, contractors, and utilities. Download our products and services overview presentation.

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Communications Products & Services is extremely professional when it comes to supplying communications products for utility construction. They value both time and money and deliver the goods within the stipulated deadline and go out of their way to make sure of it.

Rick Allison, President, Pinnacle Development, Inc.