At Communications Products and Services we pride ourselves on being true to our name and not just supplying products for our customers, but also a variety of services to help our customers complete their projects with the right materials and at the right prices. For the last 30 years it is this focus that has made us who we are today. Not just a distributor, but a partner in business. This is a sampling of the services CPS provides.

On Demand Support

Communication Product ServicesThe business world of today is a fast paced one, offering little in the way of extra time. With that in mind, when you contact us you are connected directly to our primary account managers, there is no middle ground to cross before you are speaking with someone who will work with you to provide a solution to your needs. Our team also maintains communications and updates with one another, so if a customer’s primary account manager is out of contact for any reason, they can still get the assistance they need when they need it.

Material Knowledge

Fiber CableAt CPS we here to assist our customers, not just process orders. Our account managers come from a diverse background with many years of experience in the communications industry. We also constantly work to increase our material knowledge and add new items to our products lines. By doing this we strive to create an environment where our customers can come to us with any number of questions as well as to ensure we can provide our customers with the right materials at the right time.

Assisted Project Management

Vaults and EnclosuresWhen we bid on a project, no matter how big or small, we are not just bidding the materials needed but also offering our logistical support for them as well. This includes but is not limited to getting the correct submittals, planning out ship dates, and helping manage material storage until such time as it is ready for install.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Consignment Opportunities

PVC Conduits and FittingsMany of our customers need a constant stream of the same materials to keep up with the demands of their ongoing projects. To this end we regularly manage customer inventory on these items to make sure the flow of needed materials does not stop. Whether it is inventory we stock specifically for a
customer, planned shipments we manage on a regular basis, or materials that are paid for on a consignment use. For these customers Communications Products and Services, Inc. will provide an inside and outside dedicated account management team. This ensures a knowledgeable person is on hand at CPS to manage purchase order receipt, order entry, material releases, weekly reporting and maintain local inventory levels to meets the criteria and needs of the project.

Shipping Logistics

National ShippingAssistance Freight is a normal cost of business, and we partner with our customers and vendors to help keep those costs under control. Nationally, we maintain relationships with multiple vendors across the United States and always work to find the best shipping point for the type and quantity of materials being shipped. We also maintain relationships with multiple freight carriers so that when goods ship from our primary warehouse we can find the best rates for the goods. Finally, we also offer collect shipping to our customers who prefer to use their own accounts.

Now, as part of the Genuine Cable Group and its vast logistical footprint (see map), CPS can help manage freight cost.  Freight is a normal cost of business.  At CPS we partner with our customers and suppliers to help keep those costs under control. Nationally, CPS established relationships with key trucking companies throughout the continent.  Your material will arrive at your jobsite or warehouse exactly when required.  We have the ability to make same day or next day delivery and provide emergency services when things become critical.  We will track shipments and keep you informed of progress. CPS puts our customers first.  Let us customize solutions built around your needs and streamline your supply chain!  Finally, we also offer collect shipping to our customers who prefer to use their own accounts.

Free Complimentary Local Delivery

Communications Products and ServicesAny materials within our local warehouse, including special orders brought in with our standard stock orders, are eligible for free complimentary delivery. We make weekly trips to northern and southern Colorado so that any of our local customers within 150 miles of Denver can get the materials they need without paying shipping costs.

Local Stocking Distributor

Local support inventories are critical to our customer’s success. CPS maintains a local inventory in Englewood, Colorado with materials specifically to meet the needs of the underground utility market. We regularly update our customers on inventory levels as well as market based lead times when they are planning for projects to ensure they will have what they need. Our local warehouse is also setup to cut and spool fiber optic and copper cables into the lengths our customers need.

Wire & Cable Management

Management Services are flexible, custom-tailored programs to handle your needs for wire, cable, copper, fiber communication cables, MSO and related products. CPS will partner with you, identify your needs, and design a program customized specifically for you.  Allow CPS to improve every phase of your broadband supply chain.

Material Kitting

CPS has the experience in developing kitting operations for large customers who require assembly, storage, and shipment of thousands of kits in a single month.  We can also handle requirements as small as several components for a specific installation. With our experience in supply chain management, both CPS and Genuine Cable Group’s Broadband Network Solutions can help its customers manage their materials and inventory more effectively.

Product Sourcing

Recognized for its extensive inventories, quality and on time delivery, CPS can stage projects to suit your individual needs.  We will source products for our customers and organize and stage deliveries. CPS will help you improve every phase of your OSP supply chain.

We provide our customers with the right materials at the right time, contact us today to learn more.