CPS, part of the Genuine Cable Group, services and supplies many diverse markets. Most of the markets are heavily focused on complex technologies used in a variety of telecommunications and data broadband networks, wireless networks, and traffic control systems. Included are the service providers that offer broadband cable TV, telecommunications wireless and wireline services, the contractors involved in building the networks utilized by these various enterprises, along with state, municipal, and local government agencies.

Our goal is to address the needs of every market with the same level of commitment regardless of the project scale, the size of the customer or the location. Meeting the cost structure dictated is only one component of competing in the markets we serve. CPS is frequently required to respond to complex bids with difficult logistical challenges. To fulfill the demands of the markets we supply, CPS has developed strong business relationships with over fifty manufacturing partners that have factories throughout the US. Because of these partnerships, CPS has the distinctive capability to meet the dynamic needs of the markets we serve. The following is a brief overview of some markets served By CPS.

Broadband CommunicationsBroadband Communications

  • CATV
  • Wireline Services
  • Wireless Service Providers
  • Construction Contracting Firms

Private Network Users

  • State, Local, and Municipalities
    • DOT
    • Utility
    • Educational Networks

Broadband Communications

Cable TV

Cable TV is no longer just offering Video Services to residential subscribers but also offering internet, phone service, smart Home service including home security and home automation control. Also, as a service provider with the unique network infrastructure to offer broadband services, CATV is positioned to offer competitive commercial services that are designed for wide-range of industries needing internet services for business applications including Ethernet, Cellular Backhaul and many other services. With the new DOCSIS standards and the cost parity for building fiber verses coax, Cable broadband is rapidly capturing markets previously served only by wireline companies.

Wireline Service

Formally known as the local telephone company has largely consolidated, many into national and international service providers offering an extensive portfolio of services for residential and commercial users. With a global footprint, wireline carriers are offering local & long distance services combined with internet access and Entertainment TV services, Smart Home Services such as video surveillance, alarm monitoring, lighting and remote control of heating and air conditioning units. Business services to commercial customers are also offered for a variety of corporate applications that include internet access, Ethernet Services and other data network services.

Wireless Service Providers

Mobile Communications is becoming the only service used for voice and internet communications by a larger segment of the market. Many users depend on cellular phones and tables for all their communications requirements including internet access. As a result, mobile service providers are building higher capacity networks needed for data communications. Most wireless service providers are building more infrastructure and using new technologies to increase bandwidth needed to support the increased demand of mobile broadband data users. This generally requires underground network construction solutions to allow wireless carriers to continue the network build-out to meet the demands of the market.

Construction Contracting Firms

Many contracting firms that build the networks for the industries we serve are diverse relating to the size of the firm and the scale of the project. Regardless of either, these firms often have the same challenges with meeting difficult deadlines, battling the weather and having access to the materials needed to complete the project. CPS has served these firms for many years and offers the service, delivery, and cost needed to help them succeed. We manage the inventory to insure it is on site when the project is scheduled to begin. We deliver directly to the site or to a designated staging area when specified.

Private Network Users

State, Local, and Municipal Agencies are deploying various technologies used to manage, monitor, or as control networks in a variety of applications. Some networks are used by school districts in educational networks, DOT traffic signal systems and traffic video cameras, roadway tolling, utility company service management such as meter reading or environmental control. As the complexity of these networks increase we are called upon to deliver reliable solutions while working under the challenging budget constraints imposed by limited funding. CPS has the experience needed to address these challenges of the agencies involved and it has helped CPS capture several projects throughout the industry at the State, Local and Municipal level.