Pole Line Hardware and Construction Accessories

CPS stocks and sources multiple product manufacturers that produce Pole Line Hardware and many network related construction accessories that are needed to identify, locate, install, protect and improve the sometimes hostile work environment with completing construction projects of broadband network communications facilities. If you are building of any type of Outside Plant, we can make the job less difficult, save you time and lower costs.

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Pole Line Hardware

Pole Line HardwareAttaching fiber optic or copper cables to utility poles requires careful design considerations and a large variety of mounting hardware to properly and safely support the aerial cables, minimize risks and keep costs low. CPS offers aerial pole line hardware to ensure the installation goes smoothly. Our product offering provides pole line hardware attachments for all types of multi-cable aerial installations.


  • Multi-Cable Options/Fiber/Copper/Armored/All-Dielectric
  • Variety of Mounting arrangements for Wood/Concrete/Steel poles
  • Minimize Stress from wind and ice
  • Provisions for Bonding & Grounding

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Construction AccessoriesOther Construction Accessories

Following is a list of various accessories available. Please contact CPS for your specific information and requirements.

  • Cable & Fault Locators
  • Marker Posts & Signs
  • Warning Tape
  • Locate Flags
  • Pulling Tape
  • Lube
  • Duct Seal
  • Poly Foam
  • PVC Cement & Primer
  • Cable Installation Tools and Accessories
  • Environmental & Work Safety Tents/Ventilation Blowers
  • Tools

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